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Work with Unconscious Forces

There are intelligent and autonomous forces in our unconscious, which create our reality by attracting people and situations. They are structures of the psyche that act independently of our will and have the power to interfere in our physical constitution, as well as in our psychic, emotional, mental and material life.


This knowledge I acquired with Higher Spirituality, together with unique techniques to access these forces and work with them to restore balance in the physical body, promote energetic defense, receive valuable insights through intuition and even obtain material benefits.


As these forces have not been studied by conventional science, people simply are unaware of them to bring them into the light of consciousness and integrate them into the psyche, so that they can work for the person and consciously transform his/her reality.


And it's important to explain that, when neglected, denied and not respected, they tend to turn against us. They are not what I call Sabotaging Subpersonalities ― which I explained here ―, but part of our integrity system. These more instinctive intelligences, so to speak, basically do what we teach, train, condition, or ask or order them to do.


So, being aware of them and maintaining a good relationship makes all the difference to have a good and healthy life. In fact, any imbalance in the physical body, from an uncomfortable symptom to a more serious illness, is a reflection of a conflict with these forces. And it requires working with them to restore harmony.


I call them shadows, after all they act from the obscure unconscious. However, they are not what conventional Psychology calls shadow, referring to weaknesses that people refuse to see and accept, so they deny and repress. For these structures, I prefer to use the term dark side.


Each department of your life ― financial, professional, family, social, love, sexual... ― is run by a shadow, a kind of manager. And here's the importance of being aware of the existence of these structures, as they may not be working as well in your life. But because YOU didn't take the lead firmly.


So, in practice, if an aspect of your life is not going well, it's needed a conversation with the respective shadow, to know what is happening, what you did to get the situation to that point, and what you need to do to give conditions for the manager to act in the best way for

you. Because it's him who will create circumstances and attract people into your life.


You alone do nothing, it's the powerful forces of your unconscious that, in connection with the invisible forces of Life, work to create your reality.


Positive thinking is ok, but it's not enough to transform anything in your life. Likewise, just wanting is not getting. How many times have you thought positive and wished for something and nothing happened? That's what I always say: to change the effects, you have to work on the cause.


And the cause of everything in your life is there within you. And if you believe not, then you have no choice but to conform to the position of helpless victim of unfortunate circumstances, isn't it?


On the other hand, if you assume an attitude of self-responsibility and take the reins of your life in your own hands, then you have a position of power to change your life. It doesn't matter if you're not aware that you're creating your reality all the time; but if you are, it's already the first step to promote changes in your existence.


There is a specific shadow that takes care of our physical and spiritual integrity, which I call power animal, strength animal, inner animal or animal. It's him, with his instinctive intelligence, who takes care of our physical body, including the immune system, and speaks to us through the sixth sense or intuition ― which is connected to the collective unconscious and alerts us about dangers invisible to our eyes, for example.


You can command and even dominate your conscious mind, but the functioning of your body is not you, the self full of wills, who directs. There is an intelligence inside that keeps everything going while you sleep and turn off your rational mind, right? It knows what to do, it's like a software running on autopilot to keep your body alive.


Try to eat or drink something that your animal doesn't want; he will vomit or cause diarrhea. Try watching a movie when your animal wants to sleep; you will fall asleep without realizing it. Likewise, try to program your body to wake up or perform certain biological functions at specific times; your animal will work without you having to set the alarm on your cell phone.


Yes, he is powerful, very powerful. For this very reason, it's better to maintain a good relationship with him. The question is very simple: in a power struggle between the conscious and the unconscious self, the latter is the one that has the most strength to win.


Trouble comes when you, with your will, decide to do something that damages your internal balance. It can be thinking negatively, feeding morbid fears in your mind and increasing your level of anxiety, for example. Or forcing your body with activities that don't give pleasure to your animal or that exhaust its strength. Or eating foods, drinks, drugs or substances that harm him.


As far as the functioning of your physical and mental integrity is concerned, your animal's will is greater than yours, and it's him who gives the last word with reactions that you don't control with your conscious mind. Like a panic attack, for example. That I managed to eliminate in a single work session with the client's animal.


And what you experience in your head, accompanied by a stronger emotion, is engraved on your body and in your shadow. This is how we traumatize ourselves with unpleasant situations and teach our shadows, without realizing it, to avoid further suffering.


Especially in the love area, when the person, afraid of suffering again, simply cannot attract a nice partner anymore, with whom they can have a meaningful relationship. The shadow is taught to avoid and ward off anyone who might be at risk of greater involvement.


This shadow is pure instinct, it sniffs at a distance and speaks through your intuition. Too bad that your head doubts that inner voice and despises it many times... And with this very sharp nose, it's also the animal that knows where the lost part of someone's soul is, to go there, in the spiritual world, and allow me to make the retrieval with the client ― to know more about Soul Retrieval, click here.


The shadow can also be taught to give more importance to others. So, when the person does something to help someone, they get good results; but when their turn comes, everything goes wrong and their life doesn’t move. Or their health is impaired because their shadow has been conditioned to care for someone else, such as a child or parent. Everyone has their shadows and their animal to work for themselves. If your forces are not working for you, basically they're either working for someone else, or they're out of balance, or... they're fighting with you.


EVERY disease, physical or psychic, is the result of some problem with the shadow. And what to do then? Deal with the cause, that is, work with the shadow. It's necessary to reconnect with these forces: recognize them, accept them, listen to them, respect them, and abide by them to achieve changes and improvements in life.


In my work as a Therapist, I use and teach techniques to access these unconscious forces. At the first moment, I play the role of negotiator between the parties, to understand the origin of the disharmony and reach a peace agreement. The results are immediate and always positive.


Everything in your life that you cannot control with your conscious mind is under the control of these powerful unconscious intelligences. Therefore, being aware of them, getting in touch and maintaining a good relationship is fundamental.


I did a podcast episode on this topic, here's the link:

- # 012: Our powerful unconscious forces

If you have physical or mental health issues that you cannot cure ― at most, treat, soothe or control ― with conventional methods, it's quite possible that there is an internal conflict with your unconscious forces, which are responsible for your integrity. Feel free to book a General Evaluation Session with me, so we can talk and I can make an initial diagnosis analysing your natal chart. Just click on the button below.


If you want to know your intelligent and powerful shadows better, and learn how to access and deal with them to create better realities, click on the button below to book a Work with Unconscious Forces session.

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