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Individual Mentoring Program

A unique opportunity for people motivated by self-improvement.

Do you know what is the real cause of frustration and even suffering in your life?

It's not knowing how to deal better with yourself, with others, and with your own life.

Now imagine if you could go deep into your self-knowledge, accelerate your self-improvement, and eliminate unnecessary sufferings in just three months.

How would it feel to be confident and empowered to face any person and situation? Without spending a lot of time and money doing therapy for years?

My program is much more than an intensive therapy process with online sessions twice a week.

It is a 100% personalized mentoring, focused on your personal needs, to create a life with more fulfillment.

In it, you'll have a deep understanding of the patterns that are repeated in your life. And how your reality has been created from your inner attitudes.

By working with your unconscious forces and intelligences, which attract and repel people and situations all the time, it's possible to establish a conscious relationship with them so that they act in your favor, ending self-sabotage processes.

Because it's the lack of knowledge that leads so many people to a feeling of powerlessness in life, in the face of challenging situations.

And the result is visible: discouragement, disappointment, hurt, resentment, anxiety (which peak is the panic attack), worries, pessimism, fear, stress, frustration, revolt, anger, and even depression.

All of this accumulated over the years affects emotional, mental, and physical health to such an extent that it takes a lot of time and money in a conventional therapy work to try to get back to a state of balance and satisfaction.

The point is, if you knew how to do it better, you would already be doing it, right? Not to suffer, of course.

My mentoring program is precisely to teach you, in a simple, practical and direct way, what I have learned over many years of studies and work as a therapist.

I'm not going to put you in a group with other strange people, to give generalized guidance and teachings. Or make you watch impersonal and previously recorded online classes. None of that!

I'll work individually with you and be by your side for three months to help you achieve a higher level of consciousness, in a mental, emotional and energetic upgrade.

And as your energy affects your reality, changes for the better will be a visible and natural result.

My intention is that, in the end, you'll be able to do self-therapy, becoming independent. Because I'm all for teaching you to fish, and not giving you fishes for long months or years in a therapy process.

After learning the basics with me, it's just a matter of continuing to put the teachings into practice, to gain more and more autonomy.

It's an incredible and unique investment in yourself for life. Because there's no way you can't change for the better working with me.

How much time do you spend on things that don't add to your life and don't help you solve your problems?

Imagine how much frustration, annoyance, and suffering you wouldn't have avoided if someone had given you an instruction manual to know how to deal better with yourself, with others and with life!

I have been working as a therapist since 2002, helping people to grow and transform their lives for the better, through consistent inner work. Because the external is always a reflection of the internal.

I'm very focused on results and my pace is very dynamic. At the end of each session with me, my clients already feel an improvement. Therefore, the results are quick, there is no need to wait three months to, only then, start to reap the rewards of the investment.

And since I'm going to do the "hard work" of identifying causes, soul retrievals, negotiations with Sabotaging Subpersonalities, and whatever it takes to "reshape" your life, your part is much easier.

It all starts with a thorough analysis of your natal chart, in order to make a deep and accurate diagnosis of your main challenges and unconscious resistances. With this tool, knowing you and your strong and weak points, I go straight to the point without wasting time.

Do you know those unpleasant people and situations that are always appearing in your life, forming a pattern? I'll identify the cause in you that attracts them and teach you to break that negative pattern. And this goes far beyond changing limiting beliefs!

After many years dedicated to spiritual studies, I learned unique techniques with Higher Spirituality. Meanwhile, my sensitivity was trained to identify the real cause of different types of situations and, with the right tools and knowledge, I became able to work on the cause to change the effects in the external life.

It's really about transforming reality consciously, accessing someone's unconscious, and working in a different dimension. And since energy has no distance, I don't even need to see the other person in front of me or on a video call.

The entire process is guided by other intelligences, such as my Higher Self and my client's Higher Self. And as I work with the forces of Light, it is very safe, with no side effects, and the results are always effective and for the better.

It's an exclusive method, with which I have been transforming people's lives with excellent results. And I created this mentoring to offer an intense and accelerated process in three months. There is no need to spend many months or even years doing therapy to actually get results in terms of self-improvement or changes in life.

If you managed to create an unpleasant or painful reality, even without knowing how, you can "uncreate" it and create a better one. The power is the same and you're actually doing it all the time! The point is that you're not aware of your inner power and how to use it to your advantage.

But I can teach you to be your own therapist, identifying the cause of an unpleasant situation in your life and how to consciously transform it. In this way, you are in charge of your life and are no longer a powerless victim of circumstances.

Upgrade to your best version
and become free and empowered!


What are the benefits of my mentoring?

- deep self-knowledge of your strong and weak points, based on the thorough reading of your birth chart;

- identification of the main challenges in your life and the lessons you need to learn to evolve and move to the next level;

- understanding of why you went through and go through so many similar situations (negative patterns) of frustration and/or suffering;

- understanding of how you attract certain types of people and good or bad situations;

- elimination of unconscious blocks, resistances, and self-sabotages, including negotiation work with Sabotaging Subpersonalities;

- retrieval of lost parts of your soul to regain courage, self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, joy of living, and any virtue necessary for a fuller and happier life;

- easy and direct contact with your Higher Self or soul, that is the best guru you can have, to receive wise guidance (spiritual independence);

- greater self-mastery to put limits on relationships with other people;

- increase of emotional intelligence, learning to deal better with yourself and others. And of spiritual intelligence, learning to deal better with life;

- learn to avoid unnecessary sufferings;

- stop feeling like a powerless and wronged victim of circumstances;

- increase of intuition with greater contact with your unconscious forces and intelligences;

- learn how your reality is created and how to consciously transform it, identifying the causes and working on them to change the effects;

- positive changes in your reality, starting from the work in the cause of negative effects;

- expansion of your consciousness and greater sense of purpose in life, as well as creative inspiration;

- learn to be your own therapist and become more independent;

- learn energetic self-defense, so as not to be vampirized nor pick up negative energy from other people and places;

- increase of well-being, inner peace, and personal satisfaction with yourself;

- upgrade to a better version of yourself.

Who is this program for?

- who is interested and dedicated to self-knowledge and self-improvement;

- who wants to overcome their weak points, such as insecurity, low self-esteem, excessive self-criticism, shyness, perfectionism, procrastination, and anxiety;

- who wants to take charge of their own life with confidence and not be a powerless victim of circumstances;

- who wants to develop and increase their intuition;

- who seeks to expand their consciousness and evolve with an understanding of how life works (Laws of Life in practice);

- who wants to have easy and quick access to their Higher Self to receive inspirations and answers, without needing to meditate for hours during months;

- who wants to learn to change negative patterns in life;

- who has issues they want to change in themselves or their life, but don't want to do therapy for many months or even years;

- who wants to improve the relationship with themselves, in terms of self-acceptance, tolerance, and self-love;

- who feels frustrated and stuck in situations they cannot change;

- who wants to understand the why and what for of so many difficulties and sufferings in life and how to overcome them;

- who likes a simple, objective, and didactic language without psychological or spiritual blah blah blah;

- who is not afraid of the truth and takes responsibility for themselves and their life.

Who is NOT this program for?

- who prefers to believe that they are a powerless and wronged victim of fate, a bad karma, a higher will, or the envy of others. And therefore, they have nothing they can do to change their situation in life;

- who has serious physical health issues and expects me to perform a miracle in three months;

- who prefers to remain in an attitude of self-abandonment and self-pity;

- who is too lazy to do the inner work necessary to change and expects me to do everything alone;

- who doesn't have enough courage and humility to face and accept their weak points. Because nobody changes what they ignore or reject in themselves;

- who doesn't have the discipline and willpower to put the teachings into practice. Which are simple and easy, but I can't do the other's part in the process;

- who is very dramatic, needy, likes to play the poor guy/girl, and wants the attention of a therapist to listen to their complaints and lamentations without being criticized and judged;

- who doesn't want to take responsibility for themselves and their life, that is, those who don't want to grow up;

- who is not interested in personal self-improvement and just wants to get rid of certain unpleasant people and situations in life. That is, who thinks that the problem is in others and life, and doesn't want to change from within;

- who believes that everything ends with death, so there is no point in making an effort to change;

- who thinks that they have always been full of defects and cannot change, that is, they have already resigned themselves to being "a mistake of the universe" with no possibility of improvement;

- who is extremely materialistic and rational and doesn't even accept the possibility that there are other realities that affect the physical one;

- who prefers to delude themselves than accept reality.

Now here's what you'll get during the
three months of the mentoring program:

  • ​2X/WEEK SESSIONS WITH ME: so you can dive deep dive into your challenges in life and have me coaching you on anything you need!

  • ​PROVEN TECHNIQUES: so you can get in contact with your inner forces and intelligences, increasing your self-confidence and empowerment! (PRICELESS)

  • FULL AND DETAILED READING OF YOUR NATAL CHART: I'll use Astrology as a powerful tool to quickly identify your main challenges in life, the lessons you are here to learn, and your Sabotaging Subpersonalities. Analyzing its tendencies, we'll make a plan with goals, considering what you no longer want and what you want to change in yourself and your life.

  • WORK WITH SABOTAGING SUBPERSONALITIES: I'll identify them, negotiate with them, and bring them to play in your team so that your life flows easily with no more unconscious resistances. And you'll be able to contact them at any time later! (PRICELESS)

  • RETRIEVAL OF LOST PARTS OF THE SOUL: as many as needed so you can have easy and direct contact with your Higher Self to receive wise guidance, know your true purpose in life, and feel more fulfilled. You'll upgrade to your best version! (PRICELESS)

  • KNOW AND CONTACT YOUR HIDDEN INNER FORCES: so you can have your powerful unconscious intelligences working for you to keep your physical balance (health), energetic self-defense, attract good things to your life, and speak clearly to you through your intuition. (PRICELESS)

  • ACCESS TO ALL RECORDED SESSIONS: so you can watch/listen to them again and never lose my insights and coaching. (PRICELESS)

  • BONUS 1: TRANSFORMATIONS IN YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE. You can have my superpower identifying the real causes of situations in your life and working on them to change the effects. (PRICELESS)

  • BONUS 2: TEACHINGS ON HOW TO DEAL BETTER WITH YOURSELF, OTHERS, AND LIFE for you to develop your Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence and become wiser, able to avoid unnecessary sufferings and make better choices in your life. (PRICELESS)

  • BONUS 3: HIGHER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE LAWS OF LIFE ​​for you to finally understand how your reality is created and how to consciously transform it. (PRICELESS)

  • ​BONUS 4: LEARNING TO DO SELF-THERAPY to be able to identify the inner attitudes that cause certain effects in your life. That way, you can change those you don't want. You independent as your own therapist and guru. If I did it alone, so can you do it with my help! Just practice later like I always do. (PRICELESS)

  • BONUS 5: EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO ME via WhatsApp, which only my private clients have. (PRICELESS)

Only $6,000

or 3 installments of $2,000

($8,400 Everyday price)

The question is: how much does it cost to you being in the same place, or get even worse over the years?

I can teach you not only how to deal better with yourself, others, and life but also be able to have purpose and fulfillment, avoiding unnecessary sufferings.

It's a unique investment in yourself and your future without risk and with a guaranteed high return for the rest of your life.

When you work with me, I'll personally guide you on your inner journey. And I'll be by your side all the time for whatever you need.

​If you're serious about your self-improvement, this is a great opportunity. Are you ready to upgrade to your best version? If so, I need you to book an initial General Evaluation Session to apply to work with me.

In this session, I'll analyze your natal chart to identify some of your main challenges in life. As well as the main lessons you are here to learn, and the main Subpersonalities that have sabotaged your life so far.

That way, you'll finally understand why you've been through so much and some questions will make sense. The intention is to make a diagnosis and offer solutions, not to do a complete reading of your chart.


Because I use Astrology as a working tool as a therapist, not as a form of entertainment for the curious. And just this session will give you a lot of valuable information, which will make you very thoughtful!

​When booking that initial session, you'll be asked to fill out a short form with your data, including the ones I need to raise your birth chart. Then, on the day and time you choose, I'll call you to talk about some of your main challenges in analysing your chart. And then you can clarify any doubts you still have about my mentoring.


At the end, we'll see if we're a good fit for each other and if the time is right for you to join my program. Because it is not a mentoring for everyone and perhaps you're not ready for such deep work. It has to be good for both of us.

​Click on the button below to book your General Evaluation Session with me.

P.S. 1: by joining the program, the amount paid for the General Evaluation Session will be deducted from the total or the first installment. After all, part of the initial deep diagnosis will have already been done.

P.S. 2: if you believe this mentoring is for you but are still in doubt on how you can benefit from it, there are some testimonials from my clients here.

P.S. 3: still in doubt? You can contact me here.

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