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Work with Sabotaging Subpersonalities

There are frustrating, unpleasant, or even painful situations in your life that are always repeated. Stop to analyze those that have something in common, a pattern that is repeated regardless of your will or your effort to avoid it.

It can be difficulty to deal with an aspect of yourself ― a way of being or acting ―, a type of person who is always showing up in your path, or a certain circumstance that happens from time to time, maybe even with some frequency.

And because it's a recurring pattern, you might think it's fate, bad karma, bad luck, envy, or whatever. However, the real cause may lie in what I call a Sabotaging Subpersonality or just sub. It's a new and innovative concept, which I learned from Higher Spirituality.

The sub is an autonomous entity in your psyche, acting behind the scenes of your unconscious to attract and create frustrating and very unpleasant situations in your life. Yes, the enemy may be hiding inside you! And it's much more powerful than a superficial saboteur or limiting belief.

The sub acts as an invisible and treacherous enemy, sabotaging your existence without you realizing it. As an Astrologer, I can identify these subs on the person's birth chart. And don't think that there's only one, although in general, two or three are dominant. In therapy, then, it becomes more evident how they manifest themselves in daily life, even dominating various areas of life.

Without you realizing it, the sub will even gain space and control of your will. And it creates impressive situations in life! Because, acting from the unconscious, it has a lot of power and can cause great failures in life, no matter how much the individual strives to make a sector of it work.

As if that were not enough, subs can still harass the person as neurotic and supervisory voices in the head. Do you know a boring, demanding, and always dissatisfied father and mother, who are constantly monitoring and criticizing their children? But the sub supervises you all the time and doesn't give you rest.

The effect of the action of the subs is sabotage at first, but in the end, the intention is to protect the person from greater harm. It seems contradictory, right? After all, do they work for or against us? It will depend on the relationship we have with them, whether it's conscious ― usually it's not ― or whether we simply ignore their presence and performance. Or if we even know about them, but ignore them, as well as their wants, needs, and motivations.

The sub is like a wound skin. After psychological damage, so to speak, an instinctive intelligence in us, which takes care of our integrity as a being, provides for the formation of a kind of protective entity. The purpose is to protect that sensitive area of ​​our psyche, preventing new shocks from hurting us even more, since the wound tends to remain there, open and vulnerable, while we don't treat what, for us, could be considered as emotional or psychological trauma.

So at first, the role of the sub is good, it works in our favor. However, the tendency is for it to become obsessed and neurotic in its role as a guardian. Hence to exaggerate and to sabotage our progress efforts, it doesn't need much, since its initial programming ― the first reason for its creation ― is and will always be: the ends justify the means. Or, in other words, the sub will protect the individual from all threats ― real, potential, or imaginary ― no matter what the cost. It's like a loyal soldier following orders.

It will not always have clear effects on life, but it can indirectly sabotage relationships. How? Making the individual boring. Isn't the sub neurotic? So! There comes a time when others can get tired of that unpleasant side.

Every sub enjoys autonomy to act, has its own will and purposes. It is intelligent, astute, smart, it is always attentive, alert, watching for possible threats. It never rests and, as I said, it acts behind the scenes without you noticing and without your permission or approval.

In fact, it doesn't even care about your opinion, it just obstinately fulfills its role. For it, you are the weak, helpless, impotent and incompetent, and it is there to not only defend you but also to take care of you and help you in your life.

The sub is very efficient, like any good soldier. And it can be extremely loyal and trustworthy if you can make it your conscious ally gladly. I say this because there are cases in which the sub may insubordinate and deliberately act against the person.

Yes, the sub may want to go further and take revenge on you, acting on purpose to screw your very dignified person. It will depend on how much it finds you fool, muggle, idiot, dumb, and loses respect. I saw cases of subs genially sabotaging love and even professional life for years! And nothing the individual did, in terms of personal commitment in the outside world, worked.

What to do in these cases? The first step is to identify the sub responsible for so many misfortunes and difficulties in that area of ​​life. And one of my special abilities is precisely to identify the real cause of a situation.

That done, I work with the client to access his/her unconscious and he/she can participate in the work with the sub. I bring it to the surface of consciousness and talk to it to understand its reasons for sabotaging the person's life.

Then I go for a negotiation, whose objective is to bring the sub to play in the client's team, starting to act in favor and no longer against. After all, the power to create reality is the same, so it's best to have this intelligent force working to open the paths and bring people and situations that are favorable and promising.

For several years working with unique techniques learned from Higher Spirituality, I never had a case of an unsuccessful negotiation. At the end of the session, I always got the Sabotaging Sub to agree to act as my client's ally.

The results are clear and immediate. The person experiences relief and well-being right at the end of the work, and it lasts afterward, as long as he/she fulfills his/her part of the negotiation agreement made. Which, in general, implies a change of inner attitude.

And as working on the cause inevitably changes the effects, changes in the external reality occur naturally. And without the client having to work hard in exchange for a lot of frustration as before. It's like reprogramming the software in the unconscious, the one responsible for creating reality, for life to flow more easily and without resistance and blockages.


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If you are tired of going through the same frustrating and unpleasant situations in your life, which are repeated in a continuous pattern, regardless of your effort to change, we can do something about it together.

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Or, if you have listened to my podcast, identified one of the mentioned subs acting in your life, and want to have it as an ally and no longer an enemy, book a Sabotaging Subpersonality Negotiation session directly by clicking on the button below.

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