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Counseling - Single Therapy Session

Sometimes, a neutral and different point of view helps to have a more thoughtful perspective on a situation. Especially if it is based on experience, observation, study, and has a practical, sensible, and realistic approach.

Everything in life is a matter of point of view. When you change yours about a conflicted or frustrating situation, it also changes the way you deal with the people and circumstances involved, and it ends up making a lot of difference.

Through my trained sensitivity, I can even connect with a more subtle dimension and receive inspiration on more functional ways of dealing with a situation. After all, what really matters is whether an idea works in practice or not, doesn't it?

Leaving the client better than at the beginning of the session is a characteristic of my work as a therapist. And I'm not talking about consolation, but the expansion of consciousness, as I'm focused on results, with an objective, fast approach and without therapeutic blablabla.

Because whoever has an issue to be resolved does not want to waste time or delay to have an improvement or, even better, a definitive solution.

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