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About Me

Therapist, astrologer, and independent spiritualist.


In 1987, I started studying Astrology and many other things, such as Numerology, Graphology, Tarot, I Ching, Palmistry, Occultism, Esoterism, Spirituality, Astral Projection, life after death... By the way, the latter has always been a reality for me, not a belief. Also because I had memories of astral unfolding on the other side while my physical body slept.

At first, I chose to study Astrology more deeply precisely because it seemed more complex and difficult, so it could give me more answers. And be a more useful tool for dealing with other people. Because I was also fascinated by understanding human nature.

In 2000, my mediumship surfaced in an ostensible way. That's when my contact with the astral dimension became even stronger and more constant because then I could have a more explicit relationship with my spiritual friends.

My consciousness opened up to the point that I had memories of past lives and received inspiration to write and counsel people as an astrologer and then as a therapist. And, to be very honest, I never thought of working professionally as an astrologer, much less as a therapist!

When I graduated in Advertising, I joined a trainee program at a large company. I wanted to be a multinational executive. And I had jobs in the areas of Marketing and Management, I loved the administrative part, especially solving challenges.

Detail: I've always been self-taught, and nothing like passion to give motivation. A dedicated student, I spent nights and weekends devouring books that satiated my hunger for knowledge. And I took "alternative" studies seriously. I never liked superficialities, so much so that I soon immersed myself in Psychological Astrology.

My spiritual quest was always the main part of my life, even when I had conventional jobs. And I always wanted to know the whys, what fors, and hows of life (5 planets in the 9th house of my natal chart!). How fate is created, how free is our will to change reality... Understanding has always been my goal behind my studies.

At first, Astrology was like a hobby for me but after a few years, it became a second profession because, with so much study and knowledge about life and human nature, clients started looking for me. One day, one of my clients asked to do therapy with me because she trusted me and my common sense (the 5 planets in my 9th house are in Taurus, which makes me very down to earth).

I had just finished a long course on becoming my own therapist, and as I was already working in counseling, I decided to have weekly sessions with her, and the results were excellent. Her life, especially the professional area, changed a lot for the better as a result of her internal changes. The transformation was very clear.

Meanwhile, I started working with other therapy clients as well. And like a restless seeker, I continued to study and seek higher knowledge. However, at some point, I felt that something was missing. All the authors and speakers weren't really explaining the real truth about how to create a wonderful life.

One day, I heard about an exclusive course by a world-renowned medium, Luiz Antônio Gasparetto, with disincarnated spiritual mentors teaching how to deal with reality and our hidden forces. It was the Collegiate of the Children of Light. Then I thought: "this is it!".

After three years, the content of the classes was somewhat limited, the subjects became quite repetitive. I was feeling disappointed and frustrated because I didn't get all the answers I wanted. I got the feeling that there wasn't much more to learn there, and my reality hadn't changed much until then.

I wanted higher teachings, so I asked one of the spiritual mentors (who had already offered me help if I needed anything) for a more advanced version, a doctorate. And I stopped attending classes. Fortunately, my request was granted and my studies continued on the other side, in astral projections.

On this side, my life changed for the better, and I even left São Paulo to live in Canada for a while. For the first time, I experienced a lot of freedom, peace, and comfort like never before. My reality was great and no, I didn't marry a rich man who gave me a life of a queen, hahaha...

At the same time, I had access to unique spiritual knowledge, with tools and techniques to access hidden parts of the unconscious, as well as the Higher Self or soul. This was exactly what I had been looking for! I was being trained to get deeper answers, guidance, and better results to transform reality quickly and easily.

So I started using the techniques with my clients in private therapy sessions. By trusting myself as an instrument and agent of a Higher Intelligence that always guides me, I intuitively received information about what to do, what to say, and how to work in each unique situation I had to deal with.

The results were immediate and I could see my clients' lives changing too, without them having to do anything in the physical world. I began to transform their lives with a subtle and powerful type of magic, the mental, working "miracles" while teaching them how to do it on their own so they could be independent.

My story is about becoming my own guru. I spent decades on a spiritual path, learning about how to reach a higher level of consciousness, create a different reality, and change my life for the better.

And also to inspire and share knowledge with others. And this gave me not only spiritual independence but also a strong self-confidence and awareness of how powerful I am as the creator of my own life. In practice, without spiritualist blah blah blah.

It's a constant state of inner peace and faith that all is well in my life, and that I've been guided to a higher purpose. Because when I fulfill myself, it's my soul fulfilling through me to spread the good in the world and the Light to other consciousnesses.

Using unique techniques learned from Higher Spirituality, I developed a method to master the forces of the unconscious and make them transform reality. I also established direct contact with my Higher Self to know its purpose for me and receive inspiration, wise guidance, and help in my life in the form of miracles even.

I've been working as a therapist, shaman, and spiritual teacher since 2002, teaching people to deal better with themselves, others, and life. I specialized in working with the forces of the unconscious and doing retrievals of lost parts of the soul.

Also in identifying the real cause of a negative situation or pattern to work on it and thus change the effects in life. In fact, I started to use Astrology more as a powerful tool of deep, fast, and reliable diagnosis.

Today I empower people motivated by self-improvement to transform their reality consciously using their hidden inner powers and with direct and easy contact with their Higher Self. And I encourage my clients' independence, that's why I created a 100% personalized Individual Mentoring Program focused on their needs (more information here).

I continue studying because I love learning and my thirst for knowledge is endless (remember all those planets in my 9th house, the one of higher knowledge and search for the meaning of life?). And it's that old story: the more I learn, the more I see how much I don't know, hahaha...

Another thing I love is sharing knowledge and helping people bloom for their best version. And that's what the world needs, isn't it?

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