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"I had already done therapy in a traditional format before and didn't like it very much. I knew Greicy as an astrologer only, and trusted her for her objectivity and clarity. Whenever I went through a complicated situation, she could explain the meaning to me just by looking at my natal chart. She said not only what I needed to learn, when it was going to end, but also how to handle everything in the best way.

So when I found myself facing big challenges in the love and professional areas, I decided to do therapy with her. It was the best decision! Her neutral and full of common sense point of view helped me a lot to be less dramatic and take things lightly.

It was a time when I matured a lot, gained a self-confidence that I never had before, and stopped doing everything to please others. Even the shyness I lost and that helped me a lot at work when the opportunity arose to change areas and earn more.

Greicy always saw my potential (on my chart) and encouraged me to make this change, and it was in this new role that I found myself and fulfilled myself. Even when I had my first panic attack, Greicy was decisive. I didn't want to take medication for anxiety and she did an amazing job with my inner animal. As if by magic, the symptoms disappeared and I went back to normal soon.

I can say that my life has changed for the better thanks to therapy with her. And so did my relationships, because I learned to put boundaries and no longer accept certain things that bothered me and I was afraid to take a stand.

With each session, I could feel an improvement that didn't happen in traditional therapy, where everything is very slow. Because the work with Greicy is very dynamic, she is very focused on results and has an incredible talent for "healing" people's lives." - E.

"When I decided to do therapy with Greicy, I was very frustrated, feeling hopeless. I wanted and needed big changes in my life. In only three months of intense work with Greicy, the transformation was magical. Amazing things, which I really wanted but didn't believe were possible, just happened. She knew exactly what to do to get the results I wanted, it was amazing.


I had no idea how powerful I am until Greicy showed me my unconscious forces, and taught me how to contact them and make them work for me. Knowing my Sabotaging Subpersonalities and retrieving lost parts of my soul made all the difference! I'm no longer a powerless victim of destiny. Now I can say I'm really in charge of my life because I learned how to use my inner tools to change my reality." - K.

"When I came to Greicy, I was confused because I had been working so hard to build my business and I couldn't make that leap. I've read a lot of books and listened to a lot of podcasts, and had coaches, taken so many online courses… And I had no idea that the magic of Greicy's work could be so effective so quickly.

I feel like what she gave me was a newly some life. She gave me more than self-discovery, she gave me freedom. And it wasn't only about myself, it was about my ancestors, and my angels and people that are with me. And I was able to heal some things I didn't even know I needed to heal.

As a result of working with Greicy, my ideal clients have shown up in my life, and I have been able to serve from my soul. And I'd always heard about what people said about "follow your soul, follow your soul", and I didn't know what that meant, I didn't even know who my soul was.

She helped me get in touch with that part of me that always knows what to do, that is confident and bold. And she also helped me realize that there are reasons for why I do what I do, and she helped me become someone that is confident and empowered." - M.

"I had a personal experience with Greicy during a session and it was phenomenal! She’s very detailed and precise as well. When the session started I was very nervous because I’ve never experienced a type of therapeutic session like this before but I knew Greicy was doing most of the work so I had nothing to worry about.


Afterwards, she told me to relax, close my eyes, and lay my hands comfortably on my knees. She was asking questions and I responded very quickly. I got to create a bond with my inner forces by receiving, creating and cultivating awareness of my inner animal. It was such a changing experience!


When Greicy was working with me, she opened up a whole different world that I didn’t even know existed!  The process was simple, amazing, and so powerful. Most importantly, I trusted her to guide me to build trust with my inner animal because my heart was so flattered by her presence.


I instantly knew she could help me with building a bond with myself and being aware of my inner forces, and I am so glad she did. It’s been so helpful in my everyday life, and also during my spiritual practices. It was such a beautiful and amazing experience.


I appreciate Greicy for everything she does. She’s more than a therapist, she’s also a caring friend. I still work with my inner animal today! It’s fun building a relationship and work together to build this amazing experience we call life." - T.

"Greicy appeared at a very difficult moment in my life that was the loss of my father. And I can say that it was the best thing that happened to me because, besides all the therapeutic knowledge she has, she still has the spiritual sensitivity that makes her very assertive and to the point, very different from those therapies that last for an eternity. I also had my birth chart reading which was fantastic and very enlightening for my self-knowledge. I had done it before but the way she interpreted it was much more profound, so I recommend her with my eyes closed. She is a great professional." - F.

"Greicy really transforms people's life! I was a complete different person before starting to work with her. I grew so much and became stronger, more confident and happy with my new reality, after quitting my job and accepting an unexpected offer to run and own a business that was already successful. Because that was what my Higher Self wanted for me: to be independent and fulfilled. And I was going in the wrong direction until Greicy helped me contact my soul and my unconscious inner forces. I'm extremely grateful for the chance to bloom to my best version!" - B.

"I just finished my first birth chart reading. I am so glad that I picked Greicy to do it. After I heard how amazing my friend's readings were, I jumped at the chance to book a session with her. I was blown away by her knowledge, ability to explain everything to me in a way that I can understand, and the unbelievable accuracy of myself and my past and current situations. I had my jaw open the whole time either from being dumbfounded or laughing. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is being generous of her time and energy." - N.

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