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Soul Retrieval

Feeling of inner emptiness and meaninglessness in life? Perhaps it's the loss of a part of the soul.


There are several other behaviors that can also signal this condition: low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence, exaggerated lack of affection, lack of joy in living ― deep and continuous sadness, including clinical depression ―, lack of courage and boldness, lack of general motivation, lack of purpose...


In the face of certain traumatic circumstances, our soul may simply not be able to endure so much pain and go away to the spiritual world. Examples of the most common events: accident, surgery, abuse, physical or psychological violence, end of a happy phase of life, loss of a loved one. In the latter case, it may even be that the other person keeps a part of your soul.


What is this emptiness that we feel, if not the lack of ourselves? The most serious cases are visible in chronic depression, madness, and psychopathy, in which the person has lost all taste for life, contact with the reality of this world, and the ability to empathize with other beings.


Loss of the soul is a very serious matter and it's happening more and more, as shown by the accelerated increase in cases of depression in the world. Even more with the pandemic, isolation, and the dramatic loss of loved ones.


Shamanism is an ancient tradition that deals with this: loss and retrieval of the soul. However, the rituals performed in person became impracticable with quarantine. Anticipating this critical moment in the world, the higher spiritual plane provided more modern and dynamic techniques to reestablish the individual's connection with his essence, soul, or Higher Self.


In one session and remotely, it's possible to identify the lost part of the soul, retrieve it, and reintegrate it into the person. Who consciously participates in the process and already feels the difference right away. And in the following days, of course.


I received this teaching a few years ago and have been applying it successfully. Now, more than ever, humanity is in need of mental and spiritual help. And it's using unique techniques to access the forces and intelligences of the unconscious that I can do this work.


In my experience, it is not the soul as a whole that can go away, but a part of it. In this way, a single person may have several parts lost and needing to be retrieved. Which and how many? I always say: I only know the size and depth of a hole when I go down it.


That is how I discover the answer only during the therapy process with a client. However, it's possible to have single sessions to treat specific cases, and one session is enough to carry out a retrieval. At the end of it, the individual already feels a considerable difference, after all his/her best is back.


Practical effects in daily life can be seen the next day and are long-lasting, as long as the client keeps their part of the negotiated agreement with the retrieved part of the soul. Yes, it's necessary that I do a negotiation. Because, I found out with practice, the soul is willful and can decide to go away or separate without great apparent reasons, besides being ignored and neglected by the person. So not necessarily it has to occur a traumatic event that creates a lot of pain.


It's also possible ― and even quite common, unfortunately ― for someone to lose the taste or the joy of living over time, due to a succession of disappointments and hurts ― either with themselves, with others, and/or with life. Because things didn't go as they wanted and they dreamed one day, as they grow older they become gradually more discouraged and melancholy, seeing no sense in continuing here anymore.


Another curious aspect is that the soul may decide to go away to be with another person that it likes very much, be it someone who lives in another city or country or, more commonly, someone who died. Sadness and grief can cause a rupture, taking love and the ability to love away and leaving apathy in the chest.


When the soul accepts to return and is integrated with the individual, he/she immediately feels the effect of this on his/her body, through sensations that he/she did not have until then. With this positive presence, the negative behavioral aspects of before disappear ― fear, sadness, apathy, lack of confidence...


These parts of your soul are somewhere in the spiritual world, which is a parallel reality, another existential dimension. Perhaps it went there of its own free will ― more common ― or was kidnapped ― I've seen cases involving even black magic. Perhaps you had abandoned it or hurt and disappointed it.


Perhaps your soul had loved a person so much that it could not stand the thought of being without their company, deciding to go along when they left. And your chest has closed since then; and your heart has never loved anyone else with the same intensity, no matter how hard you tried to indulge in a new relationship.


One thing is for sure: you cannot have a full, happy, and fulfilling life without your soul present and working at your best. After all, this is what it wants for you: the best, because when you have fulfillment in life, it's your soul having fulfillment through you.


Not to mention that it's your soul or Higher Self that knows where your happiness is, as well as the quickest and easiest way to achieve it. It is also the best guide and guru you can have to give you sure inspirations and wise guidance in life. After all, being a spark of the divine, everything knows and everything sees.


In fact, because it is also a co-creator, everything is possible for it, since it acts in the superior plane of the causes. Yes, it's your soul that performs miracles in your life! Notice how the best things you’ve ever experienced happened when and how you least expected them. Magically, because the soul is really powerful.


So, being integrated with the various parts of your soul is essential for you to have confidence, the joy of living, motivation, fulfillment, and a purpose aligned with the desires of your essence. In addition to that invisible help that opens your paths in life and brings all the good that has to do with you. Because, make no mistake, the soul likes what is good, beautiful, and gives well-being.


For more information on this subject, here's the link to an episode of my podcast:


- #001: Loss and retrieval of parts of the soul

Your soul loves you unconditionally and always wants to give you the best. Too bad you can't hear it and that's why you feel so lost and helpless many times... but there is a solution for that! Through a retrieval made with the modern techniques I use, you can have direct and easy contact with your Higher Self, without having to spend years meditating and fasting in isolation. I talk to my soul at any time, and it is always present in my life.


If you feel an inner emptiness, meaninglessness in your life, deep sadness, constant demotivation, or any symptom that I have reported above, you can book a General Evaluation Session with me for an initial diagnosis with an analysis of your natal chart. Just click on the button below.


If you are already very well and want to upgrade to your best version, having direct and easy access to your Higher Self to receive wise guidance from it in your daily life, click on the button below to book a Soul Retrieval session.

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