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Natal Chart Reading

Working as a Therapist since 2002, I prefer to use my more than 30 years of astrological knowledge for a deeper work of self-knowledge and self-improvement.


Because the natal chart clearly shows me what are the main challenges in a person's life, the main lessons they're here to learn, as well as their strong and weak points and their Sabotaging Subpersonalities *.


So, with so much precious information, what's the point of making a deep diagnosis of an individual's life and not also offering a solution to solve their greatest conflicts?


If I can identify the causes of their main frustrations and pains, in addition to knowing what and how to do to work on these causes, in order to change their effects in life, why not do the full service?


In this way, the client can not only understand why they go through so many misfortunes but can also achieve a transformation, resulting from an inner work that will be reflected in their external life.


Therefore, I find it more interesting and productive to use Astrology as a quick and effective diagnostic tool for a therapy process. The astral chart allows me to get straight to the point without wasting time, so I can do what I call Brief Therapy with results for each session.


And for a more complete and targeted work, according to the initial diagnosis, I prefer to read the chart completely in my program Transforming Reality Consciously (more information about it here).

However, for a personalized presentation of my work, it's possible to schedule a General Evaluation Session of your chart with me. In it, I'll present some main points for you to have an initial understanding of your challenges, lessons, and Sabotaging Subs.


Based on the information and clarifications, you'll be free to decide what to do next. Without any pressure to work with me. I know that this light in your consciousness will already help you in some way.

So, if you want to book your General Evaluation Session, click on the button below and I'll call you on the day and time you choose, ok?

* To know more about Sabotaging Subpersonalities, click here.

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