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About Me

Therapist, Astrologer and Independent Spiritualist


I've been a Therapist since 2002  and started studying Astrology in 1987.

Spirituality was always an important aspect of my life even when I had regular jobs in the Marketing and Management areas. And at some point, my counseling skills as an Astrologer led me to work as a Therapist.

Using unique techniques learned with Higher Spirituality, I developed a method to master the unconscious forces and make them transform reality. I also established direct contact with my Higher Self to know it's purpose for me, and receive inspirations, wise guidance, and help in my life in the form of miracles.

As a result, I became my own guru and a Reality Transformer. Today I empower people motivated by self-improvement to transform their reality consciously by using their hidden inner powers, and with direct and easy contact with their Higher Self.

I launched a podcast about Self-Improvement and Spirituality in Practice in Portuguese and English, and I wrote a book teaching people how to deal better with themselves, others, and life.

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